It’s hard to think of a marshmallow having a childhood with friends, but Marshmello isn’t your average puffed confectionary treat. The sentient sweet shows off his troubled childhood in the new music video for “Flashbacks” off his sophomore albumĀ Joytime II.

The video for “Flashbacks” plays true to its namesake, showcasing home videos from Marshmello’s childhood birthdays. Only, not all that glitters is gold. His parents are constantly fighting at what should be a happy time in a child’s life, and it only plays out poorly for young mello who consistently feels the need to flee after being embarrassed.

Thankfully, these aren’t the only videos his parents have recorded. Memories of Marshmello’s time in college, discovering his love for music, and his triumphs as a young adult more than make up for the harsh childhood he faced on film.

Check out the video for “Flashbacks” below.