As Toadface prepares to drop his debut album Bugs For Breakfast this Friday, Sept 21, we’ve got one last massive premiere ready for fans. Already known for a signature wonky style of bass music, “Courage” with Akamu is perhaps the pinnacle of such a style.

The track makes heavy use of left/right panning and oscillators, all while pushing that insane blend of wobbly bass accentuated by silly samples from ’90s cartoon ‘Courage the Cowardly Dog.’ It’s exactly the kind of odd inspiration we’d expect from Toadface.

“Courage” also represents the first track from Akamu in over a year – while we’re used to his almost flighty and brilliant bass sounds, we’re not hearing anything overtly familiar from him in this mix. Could this signify a change in sound for the Newport native? We’ll have to see.

Psyche yourself up for this highly anticipated tour and launch yourself into the Bugs For Breakfast LP available on September 21 via Liquid Stranger’s label WAKAAN.

Also be sure to catch Toadface on tour starting next month!