Apple has always been on top of the ad game. Going all the way to the original iPod ads, Apple’s commercials remain iconic. Apple’s deft use of music plays a big part of that success, picking songs perfect for each ad. For Apple’s latest iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max commercial, none of then ZHU himself provides the soundtrack.

ZHU’s track “Chasing Marrakech” soundtracks Apple’s “Everything to Know” ad for the new iPhone XS. Released last year as part of the stardustexhalemarrakechdreams EP, “Chasing Marrakech” provides the perfect backdrop for the ad’s split-second editing. And while we may not have the ability to see music as colors, the ad made us think this song was destined to be colored gold. We’re a bit curious why Apple didn’t include a more recent cut from ZHU’s new album Ringos Desert, but the single does pretty much fit perfectly with the ad itself.

Check out the iPhone XS ad with ZHU’s “Chasing Marrakech” below: