HEYZ always manages to steal our attention… Let us count the ways: Schedule 1, Schedule 2, Schedule 3, and now, with Schedule 4.

The mau5trap artist follows up a stream of 2018 releases with his most intoxicating yet as Schedule 4 takes form. It’s the secret finale for the producer’s debut Schedule 1 EP, and the perfect, vehement ending we didn’t know we were waiting for.

With this standout production, HEYZ creates an intense, pulsing universe with sharpened, darkened senses. There’s a tradeoff between his energy and the haunting vocals of darkDARK‘s Genevieve Vincent, which proves to be an obsessive, must-hear combination. Each steady beat, each carefully crafted sound cuts with precision, but lingers for just enough time for reverberated impact. Simply put, it bangs.

“I wanted to recreate those surreal experiences I’ve had in clubs when a record hits so hard it takes your breath away,” HEYZ reveals. We all know the feeling. Take us to the underground, play this track out, and we guarantee our hearts will skip a few beats.

Since HEYZ joined mau5trap in 2017 he has cemented his spot as one of the label’s top rising talents. This new release continues an impressive streak with his darkest, and most menacing production yet — let Schedule 4 consume you as it has us.

HEYZ – Schedule 4

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