The intriguing musical worlds of FRND and Charlotte the Mannequin collide for an infectious result, as heard here with “Before U I Didn’t Exist.” It’s nearly five minutes of glitchy pop goodness, or more if you decide to put it on repeat.

Anyone fond of Poppy‘s work will appreciate the vibe put out by her moniker Charlotte the Mannequin in this striking remix. It’s bright, bubbly and optimistic, with just the right amount of weird to keep things interesting. The concept is deeply affectionate, without being overly gushy.

The internet loves to love Poppy and her FRND is coming up quickly. Los Angeles-based musician Andrew Goldstein has been making a name for himself with a style best compared to a Koala Bear. Yeah, you read that correctly — you could say it’s his spirit animal.

“The koala is almost like an alter ego who represents a version of myself,” explains Goldstein. “They might be chill on the outside, but there’s a lot of emotion. It embodies this journey I’m going through.”

Check out the new remix and don’t hesitate to go down the FRND rabbit hole here!

Before U I Didn’t Exist (Charlotte The Mannequin Remix)

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