It seems like recently drum and bass labels have began sprouting throughout our beloved scene like California wildfires. Some have proven to be more fruitful than others, signing artists and music consistently and proactively in a way that stays true to their label and fanbase, while still simultaneously pushing forward an open- minded sound that they believe shows promise for the future of drum and bass and its underlying culture.

That being said, Theatrix and his wife X have announced the launch of their brand new label, premiering with this his new tune “With Me” Feat. Franny B.

So what’s different, then, about Divination Recordings? What sets them apart from, well… everyone else?

We sat down with label head Wil Theatrix to discuss their launch and all things Divination. Let’s get into it.

Hey man! Glad to be having a word with you about the new label. How goes it?

Yeah, things are going great man. 

So letʼs get right into it… whatʼs with all this mystical occult vibes that the label is centralized around? Did I get that right?

Yes sir.  The label draws heavily on the occult and pagan imagery.   Our release and preliminary promo schedules are plotted out against the lunar phases and astrological phenomena. In addition, our release art and promo has heavy esoteric influence as well because the similarities between esoteric & religious practices and that of artists are too many to ignore.  In many esoteric circles, it’s believed that the act of creation, such as painting or music production, are inherently magical due to the fact that works of art transcend language barriers.  For those that are interested in learning more, we’ve set up a Facebook group through the Divination page to curate esoteric content as it relates to the arts – an open “book of shadows” if you will.

Tell us a bit about the labelʼs influences… what type of music do you see yourself releasing in year 1-2?

I think that would depend on the time of year really and how the artist wants to present themselves.  Both my wife and co-founder X and I like a wide spectrum of drum and bass so we don’t expect artists to pigeon-hole themselves.  Express yourself however you want and if it’s dope, clean, and meets or exceeds our standards, we’d be glad make it happen.  That being said, expect tunes from a wide range of artists in a wide range of sounds. 

Letʼs talk about Theatrix. How has this release come together?

Honestly, I’ve been sitting on this tune for a while.  Dip Vertigo was still part of Theatrix when this tune was started.  He did the vocal direction in the tracking session as well as some piano work.  We met Franny B through the homie D’Cipher out here in LA.  I sent it out to a few DJs over the next year and a half of working on it and got some great responses and some interest from a few labels but nothing ever came to fruition – chalk it up to poor timing.   X and I were getting into ghost hunting and the occult at the time when the idea to start a label started manifesting on its own.  No matter how much I wanted to ignore it, It felt like something was telling us to make our own opportunities. I fought the idea for a while and it really was X that was the driving force to get us going. We talked at length about our vision for the label, how we want to impact the community, and what legacy we want to leave behind.  Afterwards, we contacted Label-Engine, laid out a strategy and here we are a few months later.     

How do your normal studio days go? Any essential errr…. rituals that you may possess…. I mean- execute on a normal day?

I like to start by clearing my head and setting an intention for the session.  Sometimes, I’ll do this through meditation.  Sometimes, through playing video games.  All depends on the day I’ve had really and what I’m setting out to accomplish. It’s very important to start with a clear head.

If you could collaborate with anyone- who would it be?

Man, I’d love to do a track with Riya and/or Tiki Taane in the booth and sit at the desk with Break and Chris.SU.  That would be a dream project.

Lastly, any future releases on the label youʼd wish to share with the readers?

Next up, we got newcomer Composure on his debut release followed by something from Kronology to round out the year.  Next year, expect a special something from Random Movement, tunes from up and coming talent, and more special releases with veteran producers. 

This release is scheduled for Oct 10 beatport exclusive / 24 worldwide.