Marshmello just let us in on a huge new forthcoming collaboration with Amr Diab and both fanbases are beyond hyped about it!

When you pair one of EDM’s finest with the best-selling Middle Eastern artist, it’s bound to be a hit. But, don’t expect a banger. Mello describes the unreleased track as more of a “love story” than a “turn up song,” so it will be a nice change up.

Days ago Marshmello tweeted out “Habibiiii” without any sort of explanation. Now it seems that’s the title of the collab, which translates from Arabic to English as “my love” or “my dear.” Makes sense for a love song.

Now, the producer has officially confirmed the track and says it’s one of his favorites yet. This cultural blend is sure to be an ear-pleasing mixture.

We can’t wait to hear what this sounds like!

Marshmello x Amr Diab 


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