Going to the club and raving is all about having fun, not being injured or put in harm’s way. Unfortunately one unlucky attendee walked out of super club Amnesia Ibiza almost missing an eye. Grounds for a lawsuit? This attendee certainly thinks so.

Amnesia Ibiza is being sued by the aforementioned injured attendee, named Charlie Mercer. Mercer almost lost an eye when a decorative vinyl record fell from the club’s ceiling and sliced his eyelid and cheek. UK tabloid The Sun reports doctors saved Mercer with an emergency procedure, but a six-inch gash was left on his face. Mercer describes seeing blood and fearing losing his eyesight, a nightmare for anyone.

Mercer sued Amnesia after the unfateful night last September, but the club apparently didn’t respond to his lawyers. Almost a year later, it seems this lawsuit is only just getting started. If you hit up Amnesia any time soon, look out for the hanging vinyl records.


Photo via Amnesia Ibiza