Fans can sometimes shine in ways that can still surprise the world and even their idols. This couldn’t be more true than the story of Tomas Packer, a youthful and jovial YouTuber whose review of Aphex Twin was recognized and shared by Aphex Twin himself.

Tomas recently uploaded a review of theĀ Collapse EP by Aphex Twin. It included a breakdown of the marketing leading up to the release of the album and an unboxing segment. From watching the video, it is immediately evident that Tomas is a massive fan of Aphex Twin’s music. Viewers can see his excitement as he dives into the cancelled music video premiere of the song “T69 collapse” on Adult Swim and his delighted reactions to getting his hands on the cassette, CD, and vinyl copies of the EP. Talk about dedication.

A week and half later, the review caught the attention of Richard James (a.k.a. Aphex Twin). He promptly shared the review through his social media handles where it quickly gained steam. Other Aphex Twin fans were also content to see a fellow fan receive the spotlight from a musician who they collectively admire. It even caught the attention of Swedish techno DJ and producer Adam Beyer who said, “This made me very happy.”

Even though the video is not breaking any YouTube records (currently boasting 5,000 views), Tomas was still surprised at the amount of attention his review received saying,

“Wow, I was never expecting this when I made it! Thanks for the support!”

It is important to remember that among the serious matters that affect our world, that there are people like Tomas who are kind and full of passion for the things they love. Watch Tomas’s review of theĀ Collapse EP by Aphex Twin below.