Hype for The Prodigy’s new album No Tourists, out November 2, is rising with the release of the project’s second single today, “Light Up The Sky.” Of course, hype was already in play after the release of “Need Some1” in July, but with this single, we’re starting to see that the quality of the first single isn’t just a fluke.

“Light Up The Sky” has more of that grit and edge that we’ve been so sorely missing from some of The Prodigy’s newer work, especially on The Day Is My Enemy. As the band’s seventh studio album, The Prodigy have a particular responsibility to deliver with No Tourists, and we can rest easy knowing that they’re headed in the right direction.

No Tourists is ultimately about escapism and the want and need to be derailed and not to follow that easy set path,” explains Liam Howlett in his North London studio. “‘In these times we live in, people have become lazier and forgotten how to explore. Too many people are allowing themselves to be force fed, with whatever that may be. It’s about reaching out further to find another alternative route where the danger and excitement may be to feel more alive… not accepting that you can just be a tourist. That’s what the title is about for us.”

Listen to “Light Up The Sky” below.