It’s that time of year again where Apple releases the anticipated new iPhone editions, and people are already having trouble with their new devices. Many have already complained of numerous different platforms with the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max; for example, they don’t have as strong of Wi-Fi- and cellular connections as previous versions.

And the latest complaints with the new editions are pointing to a battery charging malfunction, according to ForbesUsers have reported that the iPhone is not recognizing the charger when plugged in, finding that the device only begins to charge when the iPhone is unlocked.

“The problem appears to be related to the Lightning port detection algorithm not functioning properly when the device is asleep,” stated Forbes. “Which can most likely be addressed with a software update, but there is a chance it’s a hardware bug and that may require a fix or replacement.”

Although not every single device is having issues, it appears the malfunction is widespread and could be affecting the majority of new iPhone buyers.

Vlogger Lewis Hilsenteger provided evidence on his Youtube channel, testing eight different iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max models by connecting them to the Apple provided charger from the box. Out of the eight tested, only two charged properly, one iPhone XS and one XS Max.

In fact, one of the Your EDM staff just bought an iPhone XS Max which also exhibits the same problem.

There has been no official statement from Apple at this point, but users are anxiously waiting for direction on how to fix the issue and frantically trying to solve the problem on their own. 

The iOS 12.1 beta hasn’t been released to the public but the update could be a simple fix, according to The Verge. In the meantime, users have reported changing the settings might a temporary fix to the problem.

“Going into Settings, FaceID and Passcode, scrolling down to ‘Allow access when locked’ and turning on USB Accessories,” stated The Verge.

The USB Restriction was implemented to restrict usage of the iPhone if it’s been left locked for a long period of time, according to HotHardwareNot only has the feature appeared to interfere with devices battery charging but apparently gives law enforcement issues as well, making it harder for authorities to access a phone during a court-ordered investigation.

All things considered, the new models have been a huge success. Packing in stunning new displays, impressive camera upgrades and the fastest processor ever seen in a phone. But potential buyers may want to hold off purchasing until Apple gets the problem resolved, as an ultimate fix has not been addressed.

Check out Vlogger Hilsenteger’s Youtube video below.