My love for dubstep is well documented, just look through my post history. But, few know that I also have a deep passion for the ambient and downtempo sounds of Azedia, Maribou State, Ta-Ku, Gold Panda, and others. It’s the reason why when I received “Glisten” by PINES in my inbox, I was immediately enamored with the soft beats and whimsical production.

“Glisten” seems to take after its namesake, likely no coincidence. The track begins with a very subtle melody, accompanied by pitched vocal chops, before the main beat comes in. A delicate arpeggio creates suspense for the more complex and full drop that follows, a flurry of synths and chords that are ever so pleasing to the ear.

James of PINES says, “This is one that we kept coming back to. I’ve always liked the frantic feel of the track. For me, it has a uniquely emotive feel that takes me on a bit of a journey every time I listen.”

Adam adds, “For me the combination of the lush evolving pads transforming into more brash almost future-bass style synths with a driving house beat captures an innocent, raw energy perfect for both headphones and the dance floor. We can’t wait to play this one live.”

Play this one on your drive home or when you just need to relax… listen to “Glisten” by PINES below.