After already collaborating with Micah Martin, XO Sad, Devin Oliver, and putting out an official remix for Papa Roach, Kayzo continues his descent into pure pop punk/dance crossover with a newly teased collaboration with none other than Underoath.

Underoath is going on 20 years together as a band, and Kayzo is one of the hottest rising acts in dance music; and with Kayzo’s recent infatuation with blending pop punk and emo with his own music, we have to say  we’re not surprised by this combination one bit. Kayzo posted a teaser of the track on social media earlier today, and it already sounds great (even with the distortion).

No word yet on when this will release, but it will likely be soon. And good chance it’ll end up on Kayzo’s newly minted Welcome Records, as well.

Check out the teaser below.


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