Martin Garrix is gearing up for tons of new music and fans have been speculating he might unleash a full body of work at Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) later this month.

He’s well overdue for a debut album and with all this talk of new music, it’s a real possibility it’s coming soon. “Acces” is expected to be the first of many new forthcoming releases from the #1 DJ in the world — perhaps a leading single?

The producer’s Seven EP, which is the closest thing to a full album we’ve heard from Garrix, consisted of seven tracks released over seven days of ADE 2016. His loyal following hopes for a similar scenario at ADE 2018, but either way Garrix has confirmed he’s “dropping a bunch” soon.

First, his Martin Garrix project, then he’ll take time to properly finish AREA21 ideas and release those.

“There’s some crazy music coming up.”

Martin Garrix Teases New Music


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