Two Feet is a wholly unique producer, as evidenced by his breakout single “Go Fuck Yourself” and newer songs like “I Feel Like I’m Drowning.” His production is instantly recognizable, owing to his own raw vocals and the unique style of LFO synth he loves to employ in each of his songs.

Today Two Feet releases his debut album A 20 Something Fuck. It wasn’t too long ago that Two Feet was going through a crisis and was pulled out of it by friends and family, and it’s with that context that the album feels so much heavier and real. “I Feel Like I’m Drowning” was already a hit by that time, but new songs like “You Say” and “Back Of My Mind” give a much deeper look into the mind of one of our generation’s brightest artists.

The album ebbs and flows with natural fluidity, going from slow to intense, quiet to loud. However, it’s hard to beat the intensity of “I Feel Like I’m Drowning” and “Hurt People.” These two songs serve as anchors for the album, and the other songs serve more as transitionary between them.

In that way, A 20 Something Fuck still presents itself as a journey and one that we’d gladly go on over and over. And better yet, there’s still part 2 coming soon.

Listen below.


Photo via Nicholas Leblanc