Canada just became the second country — after Uruguay — to legalize recreational marijuana. As of this moment, citizens are allowed to purchase and legally possess cannabis.

The first legal transaction for recreational cannabis took place overnight, at midnight on Wednesday (02:30 GMT). Country-wide legalization of the substance fulfills Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s promise from his 2015 campaign.

Of course, there are some lingering concerns including potential drug impaired driving and how police forces will tackle related problems. Public awareness campaigns are in place and information is readily available to combat such issues.

Canada has posted signage at airports and boarder crossings to keep recreational cannabis users aware — crossing international boarders with the drug is still very much illegal. U.S. boarder patrol says Canadians may be questioned on whether they smoke cannabis, and could deny entry upon their discretion.

Universal healthcare and legal weed? Canada is looking better and better every day.

If the legalization does prove to be a success, more countries might follow suit.


Source: BBC