While Max Martin is the name most think about in relation to producers who dominated the ’90s and ’00s on the pop charts, sounds have changed. And now, Skrillex is the new name dominating pop and hip hop music.

A new song out today from Mariah Carey’s album Caution, “The Distance,” featuring Ty Dolla $ign, includes writing credits from not only Skrillex, but also frequent collaborator Poo Bear as well as Norwegian hit maker Lido.

The song is a soft ballad with subtle electronic elements that floats and glides atop whimsical, shimmering synths and a French-tinged synth melody.

Curiously, this isn’t even the first time we’ve written about Carey in the past month. The singer came under fire for her single “GTFO” which sampled Porter Robinson’s “Goodbye to a World” – but even “sampled” is a bit of an understatement. Following the outcry, Robinson’s name has been added to the writing credits of the song, though we’d be willing to bet most die-hard Porter fans aren’t aware of the update.