We’re four days into the five-day music drop from Martin Garrix, having already heard “Breach,” “Yottabyte” and “Latency,” and now “Access.”

“Access” is easily the most recent of the bunch, having only been teased on social media within the past month. That being said, it still carries the same familiar Garrix melodies that fans and even casual listeners have become familiar with.

The music video for “Access” sees us reunite with our protagonist in a digital, polygonic world. But really, his physical form is absent for most of the video, digitized and represented by an avatar in the world he now inhabits. He seems to be running through a variety of simulated environments, hoping to reach his end goal…

If that end goal is “Waiting For Tomorrow,” out tomorrow, then we’re confident he’s going to make it.

Watch the video for “Access” below!