It’s not uncommon to experience technical difficulties at shows, and it’s not typically something we’d cover if not for the strange, specific nature of the mishap experienced by KSHMR at this year’s Amsterdam Music Festival.

Typically, when using CDJs, a DJ will choose from a library of music on a USB stick via the screen on one of the CDJs, that track will load, and then you can edit, find a cue point, play, filter, whatever you want. For KSHMR, that experience was made all the more difficult as, he describes, “every time I picked a song it started playing a different one.”

It’s like that item in a video game that switches your input, a random handicap that you can’t really do anything about but wait for it to finish its effect… except it happened to KSHMR for the whole set.

No other DJ experienced the problem, but fellow DJ Mag Top 100 artist Lost Frequencies offered a possible explanation. Hopefully the issue is sorted out and doesn’t cause any issues at further events!


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