This year’s DJ Mag Top 100 has come and gone once again. For the millionth time, fans get up in arms about the entirely inconsequential ranking (unless you’re a talent buyer in Asia, I guess) and make a huge fuss about their favorite DJs not being included in the ranking… despite them not voting for their favorite DJs.

For however many years running, DJs have been making a stink about the ranking for its name (“Top 100 DJs”) and the possible misdirection that gives to the list’s true meaning. It’s not about skill, talent, or even objective metrics, but rather about who can get the most votes. Most often, the DJs who are willing to put money into advertising for votes end up with more votes than those who don’t. I know. Shocker.

Plenty of DJs had some choice words for DJ Mag this year. See all that we could find below.

(Dillon didn’t tweet about the DJ Mag Top 100 this year. I know. We’re sad, too.)

Even Marshmello who ranked #10 this year had something to say about the list. As a side note, he was the only top 10 DJ who had anything even minutely critical to say about the ranking.


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