Anyone who’s uploaded to SoundCloud in the past five years knows the pain of submitting an entirely on-the-books remix and having it taken down for apparent copyright infringement when no such thing has taken place. It’s been one of SoundCloud’s greatest challenges, getting its algorithm to catch up with human detection. Now, SoundCloud is partnering with Dubset technology to clear remixes faster and enable monetization for creators and rights holders.

The partnership will directly target DJ mixes at first, kicking off with an invite-only beta program for specific remixes. It will allegedly extend the program to “include full DJ sets over time.”

“Music culture is constantly evolving, and what’s next often can’t be found on mass streaming services,” said Kerry Trainor, Chief Executive Officer, SoundCloud. “We are excited to partner with Dubset to continue developing ways to attribute rights for remixes and other innovative content on SoundCloud.”

“SoundCloud is where content creators live. It is the most important platform on the planet for creators and the ultimate partner for Dubset,” says Stephen White, CEO Dubset Media Holdings. “Mixes and remixes not only establish incremental new revenue for artists and composers, they have proven over and over to be powerful music discovery growth tools, consistently driving growth in plays of the original track as well.  We are very excited to bring Dubset’s clearance capabilities to SoundCloud’s users.”

Dubset specializes in “identifying the use of original recordings within remixes, samples, mixes, assigning full rights to the original rights holders and claiming all revenues from the new content for those artists and composers,” all of which falls in line with SoundCloud’s goal of allowing as much music as possible to be uploaded within the rights of creators and rights holders.

Hopefully the beta runs smoothly enough that it is expanded to all creators.


via SoundCloud