As much as I absolutely detest the original “Mo Bamba” by Sheck Wes (fight me), I’m going to have this new re-crank from Crankdat on repeat as much as possible. The young producer just dropped the remix for Halloween, so you know you’ve got to add it to your pre-game playlist for tomorrow.

The beginning of the remix starts just the same as the original, right up until the modulated vocals about 25 seconds in. It’s hard to describe, but you immediately get this sense of, “Oh fuck, shit’s about to go down.” And sure enough, the drop comes only moments later and throws a wild wall of synths in your face. The sustained notes call back to the dubstep days of old, though it’s a noticeably more modern hybrid bass sound.

The final drop is the same as the first, albeit far more gritty and a bit darker.

If I’m forced to listen to “Mo Bamba” being dropped at every damn show, I pray it’s at least this version.