Following up on his last collaboration with xo sad, Kayzo returns with another thrilling electronic rock fusion, teaming up with legendary band Underoath.

Kayzo has been exploring the joining of these styles with various collaborations, especially on his debut album OVERLOAD, but also with his Papa Roach remix earlier this year.

This new collaboration takes the fusion even further, blurring the lines between both styles and creating something wildly creative and instantly engaging.

Says Kayzo about the song, “‘Wasted Space’ is everything you wouldn’t expect from an electronic producer like myself and a legendary band such as Underoath. This is a head-on collision of sonic frequencies and sounds from different sides of the musical world. This is true experimentation in its rawest form.”

He adds, “When I was told of the opportunity to work with Underoath, it brought me back to my hockey days prior to music. Their album They’re Only Chasing Safety was on heavy rotation for me during my athletic career. It was a perfect opportunity to put to test the idea I have been pushing forward of the blurring of worlds and sonic sounds of my youth in rock, pop punk and my love for electronic music.”

Says Underoath on the song, “Kayzo is super excited about music and this track and that’s why we are so so excited about it. It’s refreshing these days and in this time see someone as excited as he is about music.”

Listen to “Wasted Space” below!