This Dia De Los Muertos will have a spooky, slightly evil twist with a revival of Eatbrain night in Los Angeles. The infamous neurofunk label ran the City of Angels into the ground last year with its evil beats and this year, says Eatbrain label head Jade, “the Angels have the night off on this Day of the Dead; tonight we turn LA into the City of Demons.” Based on the madness last year as well as reports of other stops on the Eatbrain tour, Jade and company will deliver on that promise.

Featuring Jade himself, Mob Tactics, State of Mind and opener Bad Syntax as well as host MCs Werd, JTec and Dino, this edition of Eatbrain night isn’t only about savage beats and scary zombies. Dia de Los Muertos, or Day of the Dead, is a beautiful holiday where people from many cultures honor their loved ones who have passed. This holiday is especially prevalent in LA, so Xcellerated and Killahurtz want to pay homage, drum and bass style.

Says Seebass of Killahurtz, “we are throwing a day of the dead event to honor our friends and family that have passed so we can celebrate with them for one more night.” There will be a Dia altar where party goers can pause and reflect on life and their passed loved ones, and all things sugar skull and marigold are encouraged.

If you love zombies, heavy bass and honoring the dead, Eatbrain night at Catch One (formerly UNION) is the place to be this Day of the Dead. Check out the event page for details, tickets and lineup.