Whipped Cream is making her mark, one heavy-hitting track after another. The producer just unleashed “Bad For Me,” which is not only her most emotional form of expression to date — it’s one of her very best.

Sweet, storytelling vocals are manipulated to sound distorted, far away. Almost drowning in the filters. There’s something beautiful about the way Whipped Cream fills the space around the lyrics. Those words guide the production softly into the producer’s signature, disruptive kind of style. With the second drop, she really takes off.

As “Bad For Me” escalates, it embraces a shift in energy. One that can be best described in Whipped Cream’s own words… Here’s what she says the release means to her:

“I turned my unanswered questions, my heartbreak, into art; and I continue to fuel everything I do by it. The idea for this song started over a year ago. I was in a weird place in life, I felt stuck emotionally to someone I was in love with. I knew it wasn’t healthy for either of us and everyone around us knew as well. I stayed for much longer than I should have out of fear. Until one day, I was done hurting and realized I was only holding on to feelings I once had and was strong enough to break free and find the love I needed within myself to walk away for good. This song represents my decision to put all of that unappreciated love for him into myself. I broke free. The moment the drop says ‘BREAK’ is my release.”

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Whipped Cream – “Bad For Me”


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