ZABO just unleashed his absolutely explosive Ghost Lab EP with two distinct weapons, “Baller” and “Bellow.” With this, he joins the Ghetto Ghetto family and serves up a double dose of his hard-hitting sound we’ve already come to love.

First up, a collab with Marco Marz, delivers on that g-house mass appeal Ghetto Ghetto is all about. With crazy risers, dark chords, intriguing bass licks, and a pounding kick drum, “Baller” has all the right elements to get your blood pumping.

It’s a good thing you’re warmed up, because “Bellow” takes a seriously sharp turn down a deadly midtempo street. ZABO has found early success at this speed, as also demonstrated here. With this one, he goes all in with a thrashing sound design that can only be fully appreciated when turned up to the maximum.

If ZABO isn’t on your radar by now… Well, he’s about to be.

ZABO – Ghost Lab EP

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