Nicki Minaj has made music history time and time again — but the queen has outdone herself with this one. With the debut of her new collaborative single, “Dip” with Tyga, she marks down her 100th placement on the Billboard Hot 100 list.

In other words, she just became the first woman in history to make the Hot 100 on 100 separate occasions. The singles chart is the undisputed, most reputable in the U.S., and Nicki has worked it to her advantage with unprecedented mainstream success.

Her label-mates Drake and Lil Wayne have each scored 191 and 160 Hot 100 singles, respectively. They’re followed by rock and roll legend, Elvis Presley, with 108 No. 1s on the chart. If we’re being technical, the cast of Glee has blown all of these artists out of the water, with more than 200 total charted songs on the Hot 100.

Currently, “Dip” sits pretty at No. 87. We only expect it to climb with the debut of this new music video and the hype surrounding Nicki right now.

Tyga – “Dip” ft. Nicki Minaj


H/T: Forbes