If you’re not familiar with “Baby Shark,” consider yourself lucky. For those of you, like much of our staff, who live and die by memes, you’ll know well what we’re talking about. The viral meme has been emulated by dozens of YouTube personalities and even live during news, but it might finally reach peak meme if Jauz has anything to do with it.

(Be warned: this will burrow into your head and will not leave for a week)

As EDM’s resident shark boi, Jauz tweeted yesterday, vowing to remix “Baby Shark” if he received 20,000 retweets. “Ok I’m sick of seeing everyone asking,” he wrote. “And I really don’t wanna do it SO — If this gets 20,000 retweets I’ll remix Baby Shark. Good fucking luck LOL.”

At time of publishing, the tweet already has over 19,000 retweets and is gaining more by the minute. Let’s help get him over the top!


Photo via Rukes.com