Martin Garrix is a man of many talents. He recently appeared on Good Morning America with collaborator Mike Yung to perform their standout single “Dreamer” and he left his DJ equipment at home.

Mike Yung and all of his soul certainly stole the show, but to his left Martin Garrix stood tall and proud, strumming on the guitar and fading into the music. The acoustic, stripped-down version of the track proved to be just as amazing — if not more than the original. And not only did the song sound damn good live, it inspired.

I’m a dreamer
Don’t tell me not to dream
I got freedom
And that’s everything to me

The opening lyrics are an instant hook and it only gets better. Watch this stellar performance from Martin Garrix and Mike Yung below — and let “Dreamer” bring out the best in you!

Martin Garrix & Mike Yung On GMA