How does a man who already has everything celebrate his 40th birthday? By flying out a bunch of beautiful women to party in Jamaica.

Diplo just turned 40, which is a huge deal for anyone. But for the Florida native who’s been around the world and back again, no experience is really “new” anymore. So to celebrate his birthday, he flew out to Jamaica and invited a bunch of models and influencers to join him, including: Nicole Williams, Grace Mahary, Mélodie Monrose, Helen Gedlu, and Shanina Shaik, and the influencer DJs Chantel Jeffries and Simi and Haze Khadra, as well as another person from Kylie Jenner’s orbit, Justine Skye.

Photos of the excursion are plastered all over Instagram now, including a thirst trap picture from Diplo himself.

Jamaica also makes perfect sense for the location of the party, as the country’s history and culture have influenced so much of Diplo’s music. When asked earlier this year about his critics who view his interpretation of dance hall as “whitewashing,” he told The Guardian, “I might be too tired to answer that in a good way. I don’t…really…f–king care. What kind of music am I supposed to make? Being a white American, you have zero cultural capital, unless you’re doing Appalachian fiddle music or something. I’m just a product of my environment.”

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Happy Birthday Diplo @diplo 🎊🇯🇲🎈!!

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