Insensitive and disrespectful, and possibly racist, language from VINAI while on tour in Shanghai and Taipei has elicited outrage from the Asian EDM community. The videos were posted to the duo’s artist and personal Instagram stories.

In Taipei, they can be heard shouting, using mocking language while a man talks through a loudspeaker at some kind of public campaign event. The unintelligible mumbling draws some of the random passerby ahead of them to look back in confusion.

In the Shanghai video, the duo are seen attempting to greet random passerby with “Nihao,” translating to “hello” in English. The tone is entirely disingenuous, as is the obvious desire for attention that is apparent by the filming. There’s also the same unintelligible, guttural noise from the first video in the second, again drawing confused looks from passerby. (Note: the hand gesture made is a common South Korean gesture mimicking a small heart. It’s spread to many Asian countries to show love and affection.)

We really thought we’ve moved past this kind of insensitive behavior in foreign countries in 2018, let alone filming yourself doing it and posting it to your own social media. How VINAI thought this was funny or appropriate is beyond us.

We’ve reached out to representatives for VINAI and have yet to hear back at time of publishing.