For those unaware, Craig Owens of post-hardcore band Chiodos has a new electronic music project called badXchannels; it seems that Owens took his post-hardcore sensibilities and applied them to electronic music, because this is about as post-EDM as you can get.

He has a new song out today called “I Wanna Be Alone.” The song is characterized by Owens’ own vocals, both at the front and also in the background, modulated, chopped up, echoed endlessly. It’s a slow burn, meant more for live performance than something spun on CDJs; that’s also part of the brilliance of the badXchannels project.

Owens debuted the project earlier this year at Asteria Music Festival in Florida, an intimate event and one to which only hundreds of fans were able to bear. Those in attendance, myself included, were treated to an emotional, one of a kind show from a seasoned performer exploring new territory.

“I Wanna Be Alone” plays along the insecurities and depressive episodes that people are prone to face in their every day life, not sugar coating any of it. The melancholy bleeds from every note and screamed lyric, yet, somehow, it remains hopeful.

Listen to “I Wanna Be Alone” from badXchannels below and get it here.