After dropping singles “Tell Me” and “Storyteller,” Haywyre is finally back with the full Panorama: Discover EP. Spanning six tracks, Discover is the first of six smaller projects expected from Haywyre’s Panorama.

Haywyre fans from any period of his career are sure to love Discover, as it blends his classic jazz knowledge with blazing electronic flourishes and pizzazz. “Stepping Stones” serves as a perfect introduction to the EP, preceding the two already-released singles, as it offers up some bouncy funk and groove like no other.

However, the song that I’ve been waiting for fans to hear since I received the EP weeks ago is absolutely “Square One.” Having listened to Haywyre since before his Monstercat days, I can confidently say this is one of my favorite songs he has ever released.

“In a sense, this [Panorama: Discover] is as personal as it gets. I drew from everything I could. Moments of excitement, love, discovery, realization, connection, but also fear, insecurity, depression and disgust. I wanted the full spectrum. In another sense, it couldn’t be less personal, because I’m avoiding the literal personal accounts that drove me to create this in the first place. I don’t want people hearing my story, I want people hearing their story in my music.” – Haywyre

Listen to Panorama: Discover below!

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