Mercer‘s “Boss” showed up last week on DJ Snake‘s impressive label, Premiere Classe Records. Today, we’re treated to the song’s visual representation which will have you out there grinding in no time.

The official music video made by Moonkey Agency shares a story of hustle and ambition, while Mercer’s “Boss” plays out as the perfect soundtrack. Might we add, the kid featured in the video is a straight bad ass that will win you over instantly.

“Boss” thrives in a chill space, but its message is powerful. Using a sped up sample from Houston rapper Slim Thug‘s “Kingz & Bosses,” Mercer reinvents the track into a danceable groove. And, he does so oh so smoothly.

“I’ve always been a massive fan of Slim Thug. His delivery and flow are so legendary I couldn’t help but use it in one of my songs. I sent it to Thug once it was finished and he liked it from the first play! He’s a very dope guy and is very easy to work with” – Mercer

Mercer finds his own flow with this one, so it’s no wonder he got the stamp of approval from the man himself. Listen below and remember:

If you gon’ be a boss, be a boss
If you gon’ be a king, be a king
If you gon’ be a bitch, stay a bitch

Mercer – Boss

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