Benny Blanco and Calvin Harris have revealed a music video with a message to go with their hit song “I Found You.”

Assisted by fresh vocals from Miguel, this new and stunning production now has a deeper story to go with it. This one takes a much, much different direction than the original music video that enlists a star-studded cast.

As “I Found You” plays out, the subtitles tell of Nilda and her son Keyden. Their┬áheart-wrenching journey is one of love and hardships, as they were chased out of their home and to the U.S. after gang members ran them out of town.

Nilda and Keyden fled extreme violence in Honduras only to be separated and detained at the border. They survived family separation, but now are among more than one million applying for asylum or other legal relief, struggling to survive while they wait. This is their story.

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Benny Blanco, Calvin Harris & Miguel – I Found You / Nilda’s Story