Spotify reveals your very own listening habits for 2018 with Spotify Wrapped, all in a neatly presented package. The online app shares hours listened, new artists discovered, top artists and songs, and much more — all played to exclusively by YOU!

This is not only an excellent way to track your music streaming habits and tastes, Spotify Wrapped encourages you to break out of your comfort zone. The music platform offers a complete playlist of all your most played out tracks for 2018 and another playlist designed around what you may have missed out on.

Plus, artists have their very own Wrapped features to explore. Official artist accounts have the ability to view most popular songs by month, total streaming hours, and so much more.

Spotify also presents its own compiled playlist of 2018’s top hits, overall. Enjoy below and make sure to unwrap your year of listening here!

Spotify’s Top Tracks of 2018


Photo via Coachella