Whatever your idea is of the most tweeted 2018 artist is, you’re probably wrong. Unless, that is, if you’re a member of the BTS army and already know what’s up.

The South Korean boy band isn’t just big in South Korea. They’re the hottest music act on the planet, at least when it comes to their social media imprint. BTS (@BTS_twt) is the most tweeted about celebrity account of the entire year. Guess that’s what happens when you have 17.2 million followers.

They’re followed by athlete LeBron James and hip hop icon Kanye West, who made his epic return to the platform. Next up, Drake, EXO, Ariana Grande, Cardi B, and Beyoncé. Hold up, BTS gets tweeted at more than Beyoncé does? That is crazy.

They also had the most liked tweet of 2018, which basically sums up the entire year in a nutshell:

According to Vogue, these are the celebs that were chirped at the most. And, a lot of them happen to be musicians. Look at both lists detailing top tweets about both celebs and musicians below.

Most Tweeted About Celebrities

1. BTS (@BTS_twt)
2. LeBron James (@KingJames)
3. Kanye West (@KanyeWest)
4. Drake (@Drake)
5. EXO (@WeareoneEXO)
6. Ariana Grande (@ArianaGrande)
7. Cardi B (@IamCardiB)
8. Beyoncé (@Beyonce)
9. Jimin Park (@Jiminpark07)
10. Nicki Minaj (@NickiMinaj)

Most Tweeted About Musicians

1. @BTS_twt
2. @KanyeWest
3. @Drake
4. @WeareoneEXO
5. @ArianaGrande
6. @IamCardiB
7. @Beyonce
8. @Jiminpark07
9. @NickiMinaj
10. @Rihanna


Source: Vogue