Knife Party and Pegboard Nerds‘ collaboration “Harpoon” is one of our favorite releases of 2018, and how could it not be? Between the high-pitched vox, addictive melody and that absolute beast of a bassline, there are a lot of reasons to fall in love with it. And it seems the two duos aren’t done yet!

Fans recorded a new collab ID from Knife Party during their set in Amsterdam for ADE, though earlier versions of the ID have been dated as far back as August. The staccato rhythm and wild bassline are pure electro house goodness and just another reason why these four in the studio together produce absolute heat.

And beyond this recording, there’s still so much room for modifications or another drop before it is ever officially released,¬†if it’s ever officially released. But considering it’s been getting play from the Nerds and Knife Party live over the past few months gives us reason to think it will be.

Check out the ID below, going by the WIP title “Jack” for now, until something more concrete is revealed.


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