2018 was a huge year for music and streaming numbers — but the world’s favorite song is still Ed Sheeran‘s “Shape of You.”

The song has been played out more than 2 billion times on Spotify, which is a first for the platform. To break it down is perhaps even more impressive. This means “Shape Of You” has been streamed for about 7 billion minutes or 14,776 years.

The pop star keeps his thank you note simple, which he shared via social media: “Thank you world. First song to two billion streams on Spotify.”

Sheeran has achieved a milestone that no other artist has as of yet, not even Drake — but he’s catching up. This year alone, “God’s Plan” racked up 1.1 billion listens on Spotify. No doubt, the rapper will also hit that 2 billion mark. But, “Shape of You” will always be the first.

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Ed Sheeran – Shape of You