Another year has mostly come and gone. This year saw the unfortunate news of too many artists’ deaths, including Avicii, Mac Miller, Lil Peep, and others. Though these artists are gone, their legacies remain and their mantles will be picked up by a new generation of artists who continue to persevere and fight for their ranks among the best of the best.

2018 in particular has seen the rise of a heavier midtempo style of bass music, championed by the likes of Rezz, and subsequently newer artists like 1788-L, blanke, Slooze, and Quackson. At the same time, dance music continues to spread globally at an ever-faster rate, with Australian artists like SIPPY and WILDLYF and Mexican artist Jessica Audiffred making a huge impact this year.

And though some artists have been in the game for longer than others, it looks like 2019 will finally be the year they truly break through and do some phenomenal work. CRAY, SVDDEN DEATH, Wenzday, Kompany, and Chime are among those artists who have poured their blood, sweat, and tears into their projects and are now beginning to be recognized on the global stage.

Then there’s Fisher, who, despite debuting his project only halfway through 2017, has become one of the biggest artists of 2018 thanks to just a couple of songs!

As we do every year, we’ve picked our 40 artists who we feel will have an incredible year in 2019, not just in their own personal careers, but also on the electronic music scene as a whole. As a reminder, we do our best not to repeat names year after year so as to give new artists the spotlight. So if you don’t see the name of an artist you feel has had a great year and is destined for more, it’s more than likely we featured them in the past three years.

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See Your EDM’s Artists To Watch in 2019 list below. Congratulations to all who are featured! We expect big things of you next year.

1788-LTynan | blankePEEKABOOFisherFytch13WenzdayJacknifeOliverse
Lil TexasVincentHuxley Anne | sfamKompanyChimeHarrison BDP
UpsammyMADGRRLLizzy JaneQuackson
Moore KismetHairitageSchadeSWARMTenGraphsDeathpact