The season finale of The Martin Garrix Show is here — and it’s an epic ending to yet another thrilling run of behind-the-scenes episodes.

This installment of Martin Garrix’s show follows him through his┬áRAI performance during Amsterdam Dance Event this year, which the last few episodes have focused on. Garrix fans from all over the world lined up early to see the #1 DJ perform live in October for the third year in a row.

There was obviously a lot of prep and rehearsals that went into this massive show — long days and even longer nights. However, the one thing Martin revealed he surprisingly didn’t do before his RAI performance was analyze his tracks in Rekordbox. He had a guy for that.

From the lighting and visual effects, down to the pyro and CO2, and of course, the music all made for quite the show. Watch and be amazed at the total package Martin Garrix and his team brought to the stage, as The Martin Garrix Show’s third season comes to a close.

The Martin Garrix Show – Season 3 Finale


Photo via Tomorrowland