Zedd recently sat down with GQ to discuss and break down some of his biggest hits, track-by-track. With the massive success of “The Middle” this year, it’s awesome to get an insider perspective, straight from the source.

In order to fully appreciate Zedd’s craft, you must first understand where he came from. His writing and recording process began at an early age, when he was about 5 years old.

“When I was growing up we didn’t really have much, so when we got a keyboard, that is what we had,” he shares in the video below. “My parents would work all day, and my brother and I would just sit and write music and record music.”

He opens with “Clarity” — a song he says helped to “shape” his career. It’s difficult to fathom, but the masterful producer says before “Clarity,” it was hard to find vocalists who wanted to work with him. At that point, DJs were thought of as just that and being a producer didn’t come hand in hand.

Soon enough, the collabs came rushing in, including “Beauty And A Beat” with Justin Bieber, “Break Free” with Ariana Grande, and “Stay” with Alessia Cara. He also talks “Spectrum,” his “Lost In Japan” remix for Shawn Mendes and what it was like working with Kesha on “True Colors.”

It’s just one hit after another for Zedd!

Zedd Breaks Down His Most Iconic Tracks


Photo via Rukes.com