Feed Me has been laying relatively low and now we know why. The producer just announced he has finished and turned in his latest album.

“I shut up recently because I’ve been finishing an album and I hate this idea that I’m supposed to hire some idiot company to ‘keep up appearances’ on my social media stuff,” he explains in the post below. “I handed it in this weekend and I think it’s the best thing I’ve done.”

Feed Me says he’s excited to play it, create a live show around it, and follow up with other material he has made. Next up, he plans on gearing up for NYE gigs. Best believe he’ll have plenty of new music to play!

We last heard from Feed Me with his 2017 Existential Crisis EP. His last full album as Feed Me released back in 2013 with Calamari Tuesday.

Feed Me Announces New Album


Photo via Rukes.com