Serato DJ is changing the game with its newest version of software, which integrates SoundCloud and the platform’s entire vast library of music.

Now, nothing is off limits — not even that rare bootleg that has no download option. Anything that can be pulled up on SoundCloud can now be streamed through Serato. This feature is perfect for testing out new music and for saving space on your hard drive.

There’s a catch, however. At this time, no offline support is offered. Relying on connectivity for live performances can inevitably be iffy. For many Serato and SoundCloud users, this is where the integration falls flat. The latest version of Serato also offers streaming through Tidal with the same online-only limitation.

Rest assured, offline support is in the works and will be made available at a later date. In the meantime, all you need to get started is DJ Pro 2.1 or DJ Lite 1.1 and a SoundCloud Go+ account. Go crazy.

How To Stream SoundCloud In Serato DJ


H/T: The Verge | More via SoundCloud