It has been an absolutely crazy year in dance music if you really think about everything that’s happened, even just looking at music releases. Some huge artists have made a name for themselves this year, and others have established their presence as behemoths in their own rights.

We named k?d one of our Artists to Watch in 2017 and he hasn’t let us down yet. We just named 1788-L one of our Artists to Watch in 2019 and we have the utmost confidence that we haven’t even seen the best they have to offer, either. Though Kayzo never made it into one of our Artists to Watch lists, it was only because between the two years we felt he was most eligible, he had already become far more than an artist to watch and was actually a huge breakthough success.

Now in 2019, Kayzo will be putting out collaborations with both of these rising stars, and we couldn’t be more excited. Though his debut album OVERLOAD wasn’t quite what we expected, his newer tracks with Underoath and xo sad paint a stellar picture for Kayzo’s 2019. Now with these two tracks teased, it looks like 2019 is full of unexpected possibilities.

No word yet on when we might get these tracks, but we’ll be keeping our eyes open!


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