Lightning In A Bottle is a rare gem. While many big time festivals focus their energy on expanding — more events, more attendance, more money — LIB sticks to being the best it can be. For 2019, that means downsizing significantly.

Per a statement on r/LightningInABottle, organizers are planning to cut back on the amount of tickets sold for next year’s installment. “Changes ahead for LIB 2019,” the post gives a heads up. “To help create a more intimate festival where we can all focus on making that LIB magic we are going to significantly lower ticket capacity by over 25%.”

Consider this a polite nudge to the LIB community — tickets will sell out early. This comes as LIB just experienced its biggest year yet, with “over 27,000 beautiful souls in attendance.”

“We are always accepting new LIB’ers into the experience. There is a learning curve to festivaling, especially festivaling like we do at LIB. The Do LaB team are working on ways to educate and introduce everyone to the community better, but it is up to all of us as LIB participants to be stewards and teachers of the LIB vibe.”

With this, LIB also introduces The 6 Ways of LIB:

  1. Celebrate Life
  2. Create Community
  3. Respect Yourself & Others
  4. Actively Participate
  5. Honor The Land
  6. Be A Citizen

Get ready — LIB 2019 Earlybird Sale starts January 19th and it sounds like this year will be better than ever.

LIB 2018 From Above

LIB 2018 From Above

Here's a little treat from us to you, a birds eye view of LIB 2018. ⚡️🎥: Media Stranger

Posted by Lightning in a Bottle on Friday, December 21, 2018


Photo via Jessica Bernstein Photography