YouTube‘s copyright protection system has some seriously glaring flaws — and instead of falling victim to the system, one content creator is fighting back. TheFatRat has initiated a petition to fix YouTube’s copyright protection system, which overnight has garnered over 20,000 signatures and counting.

Recently, the YouTuber had one of his most popular videos stolen from him. An unknown company by the name Ramjets made a copyright claim and YouTube didn’t ask questions before revoking the true owner’s rights. So, TheFatRat’s video with over 47 million views continues to make $3,000 per month for an apparent fraud.

According to TheFatRat, YouTube said, “they don’t mediate copyright disputes and I have to resolve the issue with the claimant.” Of course, Ramjets has failed to return his emails — so that was a dead end.

Perhaps this happened to TheFatRat so he could bring more attention to the issue, though obviously that wasn’t the original intent. Through his petition, TheFatRat and 20,000+ more people demand YouTube to “treat claimants and the content creators equally instead of assuming claims are always correct” and “remove claims when they are obviously false.”

Sign here.

TheFatRat – How My Video with 47 Million Views Was Stolen On YouTube