ZHU‘s magnificent Dune Part II Tour is canceled — and the news comes straight from the source.

In a cut and dry post, ZHU braces his fans for impact. “I’m sorry to say Dune Tour pt 2 will be canceled,” he writes. “It is time for me to make new music.”

Being that ZHU created one of our absolute favorite albums of 2018, it’s hard to argue with the man. RINGOS DESERTwhich fully dropped back in September, explores a vast universe of sound through tales of love and tribulation. While it’s easy to get hung up on its greatness, it seems as though ZHU is ready to keep the train rolling.

He continues, “Music that will inspire me and those around me. Music that I can play come festival season.”

Whatever comes next for ZHU, we’re all ears.

ZHU Cancels Dune Tour


Photo via Electric Forest