Renowned DJ/producer Speakerfoxxx has unexpectedly passed away and the news has left many in the industry shaken and devastated.

Atlanta native Christen Nilan aka Nilan was described by some as “Queen of ATL.” Her notable credits include work with Terror Squad and Gangsta Boo, as well as her own debut mixtape Dopegirl AnthemsThat’s only scratching the surface.

“Whether it’s dope ‘boy’ anthems or dope ‘girl’ anthems, what makes it an anthem isn’t a gender, race, class, or creed thing, it’s a lifestyle, an attitude, and a frame of mind,” Speakerfoxxx was quoted during a 2012 interview.

“Yes, I am a girl in a male-dominated industry, but guess what, I can hold my own in both. Being a boss has nothing to do with gender.”

Speakerfoxxx not only pursued her own ventures, but tirelessly supported countless others DJs and hip hop artists. From the sounds of it, Atlanta’s music scene is left with a huge void after her passing.

Read just some of the comments below and more on Speakerfoxxx via Creative Loafing. RIP.

RIP Speakerfoxxx


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