There are a lot of ways to go about getting guest list to your favorite DJ’s show. You can be on an email list, know a local promoter, maybe hooked up with a bartender at some point (this goes for guys and girls, we don’t judge), but the quickest way to the front of the line is obviously to know the artist or someone on their team.

That being said, there’s a degree of etiquette that goes into asking for guest list, especially depending on the location (venue/city) of the show, how close to show date your request is, and most importantly, how well you yourself know the person you’re hitting up.

Apparently, such a topic had been weighing on DJ Lee Burridge’s mind for quite some time as he decided to lay out a guideline for asking for guest list earlier this week. In the lengthy piece, he talks about the myth that guest list is just some endless Google Doc page that names can be added to — no, clubs have capacities.

“Also, when you’re added, you really should try to actually turn up.”

Check out the full breakdown below if you’re planning on asking an artist or their management for guest list any time in the future; chances are you’ll learn something or realize you weren’t being as courteous as you could’ve been.

To anyone who’s ever asked for a guest list spot but, at the same time, to no one in particular as I write. I decided…

Posted by Lee Burridge on Monday, January 7, 2019


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